måndag 31 oktober 2011

Well; Greetings from Varberg. Sweden! We have a rather warm and peacefull day here, with stunning colours and a sense of serenity in the air. I´ve been up to a number of things; spending time in the garden and in the studio. ( Now and then I´ll publish images from our home...)

You could say that I´m a collector; mostly of books,vinyls and movies, but so many other things intrigues me as well: minerals, seashells, toys, old electronica and not the least guitars & instruments. Today I´m trying to figure out my new Zoom H4n Handy Recorder + a lovely Garrad 86SB turntable I found for nothing at a second-hand store.

Images of my paintings can be found here: www.oneiricworld.nu (I´ll put up a permanent link..)
Other creative project might end upon this blog.